• 24 Nov 2016 by Luke Bragg

    Families are at the core of our club and many of our events focus on all the wonderful activities Central Switzerland has for the whole family. Many are annual events but others come from the ideas of our membership or for special one-off events that are happening throughout our area. 

    Bowling Afternoon - our annual spring event takes us to a local bowling alley for an afternoon of fun

    Pumpkin Carving - just before Halloween we organize an event at a pumpkin farm outside of Lucerne. Pick your pumpkin, grab a knife and show us your creativity!

    Halloween Trick or Treat - put on your best costume and enjoy our annual Halloween gathering including prizes for best costumes.

    Thanksgiving - turkey, mash potatoes, and all the trimmings. Our annual Thanksgiving event is our best attended and gives you a real slice of home (along with that slice of pumpkin pie!)

    Santa Brunch - don't worry kids, when you are far away from home Santa can still find your chimney! Held at the beautiful Schweizerhof Hotel, our Santa Brunch is our unofficial start to our holiday celebrations.