About the Swiss American Club Lucerne

Board Members

  • President: Ruby Kursfeld-Quesada
  • Vice President/Website Manager: Connie Sullivan
  • Treasurer: Ursula Abel Merz
  • Membership Secretary: Leslie Johnson Dubler
  • Recording Secretary: Rachel Lindenmann
  • Member-at-Large: Catherine Aschwanden
  • Member-at-Large: Francesca Duchesne
  • Member-at-Large: Luke Bragg
  • Event Coordinator: Helen Houseman

Advisory Group: Evelin Bermudez, Linda Britschgi, Shelly Colon-Kost, Lidija Hirsl, Martin Sullivan

SASL has grown and evolved since 1962, when it was founded as a non-political, non-profit organization dedicated to developing and maintaining business and social relationships between Swiss and U.S. citizens living in Lucerne. With more than 300 members from over 21 nations, we are now an association of dynamic English-speaking people encompassing all of Central Switzerland. We strive to solidify our ties within Lucerne and to look for ways to connect newcomers with established members, thus creating an ever-growing and thriving community. Our partnerships with public and private institutions reflect our commitment to fully integrate into our society.

Every year we put together a comprehensive program of activities to suit all ages and tastes. The menu of activities reflects the diversity of the membership. There are events specifically geared towards families, such as ice skating, summer outdoor activities, Halloween Trick or Treating by the Lucerne Lido, and the ever popular Santa Brunch at the impressive Hotel Schweizerhof. Wel also have an ever-expanding list of sporting events on offer, including moonlight snow shoeing, ten-pin bowling, family hike and bike ride, and Latin dance classes.

For those interested in the arts, the club organizes trips to the Luzerner Theater to see innovative ballet, theater and opera performances; tours of the KKL; and apéros at some of Lucerne’s historical venues like the Wasserturm, Galerie Fischer, Meggenhorn Castle and the Noelliturm Tower. For those keen on developing business opportunities, there are a number of theme-based networking apéros, which have in recent years included topics such as women’s entrepreneurship and business development in Lucerne. But the most popular and eagerly anticipated events are those which celebrate the important customs and festivities of both Switzerland and the USA: Fasnacht, Fourth of July, Swiss National Day, American Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Our objectives are

  • to promote goodwill, understanding, mutual respect and cooperation between the citizens of the United States and Switzerland;
  • to encourage community spirit and a sense of inclusion amongst the international community in Central Switzerland;
  • to assist newcomers to Switzerland in building a social network;
  • to be an example of tolerant and inclusive integration;
  • to celebrate human diversity in all of its forms;
  • to honor our Lucerne community by using local resources and aiding local humanitarian causes.

Did you know that as a member of the Swiss American Society of Lucerne you have membership privileges to 30 American clubs worldwide? Because of its involvement with the Association of American Clubs (AAC), the members of SASL are entitled to participate in activities hosted by AAC member-clubs at the host club’s member price and to avail themselves of the privileges and use of local club facilities. If you are planning to visit an AAC member city and wish to take advantage of your associate club member benefits, contact us to receive your letter of introduction.