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NEW Book Club

by Frances Coya

  • If you love to read and share your thoughts, SASL member Frances Coya has started a Book Club in English where all are welcome!
  • The plan is to meet about once a month in Lucerne to discuss a book we have chosen to read. 
Currently, all communicate is through e-mail; date, time, location of meeting, and book submissions. Participants will meet up and have discussions about the book, over some coffee, drinks, and bites. The locations are chosen for ease of access, comfort, and conversation. The two current locations are the Rebstock and the Bourbaki and dates are usually during the week in the afternoon until there is a need for change.


Happy reading,  Frances Coya  fcoya@comcast.net

Ladies Night Out & Happy Hours


Some of our most popular events are Ladies Night Out & Happy Hours.  These are none ticketed events which are also announced on Facebook and Instagram to also welcome


  • Next Ladies Night Out:   tby

Restaurant Kneipe Pizza - Klosterstrasse 5, Luzern

Contact for info and sign up: newsletters@sasl.swiss

SASL Movie Night


Once a new interesting movie is shown in Lucerne's theatres, we will send out an invitation through a webmail. 

  • Next Movie: tba

With drinks, dinners, all up to your time and interest.


If you would like to organize a movie get-together please let us know - contact us at newsletter@sasl.swiss

Our website is focused entirely on the various events we have throughout the year.


Upcoming events are listed below for you to SAVE THE DATE.  If you want to learn more about an event and/or wish to register, click on the individual event, this will take you to the event information page where you will find specific details related to the event and where you have the option of registering.


Event Reviews will be posted in the Members Only section.  We will provide a brief event review, including pictures taken during the event.


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